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Empowering Individuals: Private Prosecutions in the UK

Empowering Individuals: Private Prosecutions in the UK

In the United Kingdom, the criminal justice system primarily relies on public prosecutions conducted by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). However, there is an alternative avenue for individuals seeking justice – private prosecutions. Private prosecutions can be an empowering tool for individuals to hold wrongdoers accountable when the state fails to do so.

What are private prosecutions?

Private prosecutions are legal proceedings initiated by individuals or organizations, rather than by public prosecutors. These prosecutions can be brought for a wide range of criminal offenses, from minor offenses to serious crimes such as fraud or assault.

Private prosecutions are governed by the same legal principles as public prosecutions. The individual or organization bringing the prosecution, known as the private prosecutor, must gather evidence, comply with disclosure obligations, and present their case in court. The judge and jury assess the evidence and determine whether the accused is guilty or not.

When can you bring a private prosecution?

Private prosecutions can be brought in any situation where there is sufficient evidence to support a criminal charge. However, they are particularly useful in cases where the police or public prosecutors decline to bring charges or fail to act. This could be due to lack of resources, competing priorities, or a difference in opinion regarding the strength of the evidence.

By initiating a private prosecution, individuals or organizations can take control of their own legal proceedings and ensure that justice is served. Private prosecutions offer an opportunity for victims and those affected by crime to secure redress and protect their interests.

Benefits of private prosecutions

Private prosecutions provide several benefits compared to public prosecutions:

Increased control and involvement:

Private prosecutions empower individuals to take an active role in seeking justice. Unlike public prosecutions, where individuals have little control over the process, private prosecutors can direct and shape the legal strategy.

Flexibility and speed:

Private prosecutions can be initiated swiftly, without the bureaucratic delays often associated with public prosecutions. This allows individuals to expedite the legal process and obtain a resolution more quickly.

Supplementing public prosecutions:

Private prosecutions can also be used to supplement public prosecutions. In some cases, bringing a private prosecution can put pressure on the public prosecutors to take action or provide additional evidence for their case.

Compensation and recovery:

Private prosecutors can seek compensation for damages or losses suffered as a result of the criminal offense. This can provide a practical remedy for victims who may not have otherwise received compensation through the public system.

The importance of legal representation

While private prosecutions offer individuals the opportunity to seek justice independently, it is crucial to have proper legal representation throughout the process. Engaging a solicitor experienced in criminal law and practice is vital to navigate the complex legal landscape, gather admissible evidence, and present a compelling case in court.

Solicitors with expertise in private prosecutions can guide individuals through the process, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and helping to maximize the chances of a successful prosecution. They can also provide advice on the potential risks and costs involved, allowing individuals to make informed decisions.


Private prosecutions play a significant role in empowering individuals to seek justice when public prosecutions fall short. They provide a means to initiate legal proceedings, hold wrongdoers accountable, and secure the justice and compensation that victims deserve. Engaging a solicitor with expertise in private prosecutions is critical to navigate the complexities of the legal system and maximize the chances of success.

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